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High-tech -product Application Market


Qinhuangdao Daotian High-tech Co., Ltd. (simply referred to as Daotian Hi-tech), which was established in 1995, is a hi-tech enterprise that manufactures super-hard abrasives  and grinding tools, advanced materials and electromechanical integration equipment.

Our products are traded worldwide and used widely in various fields such as automobile glass, automobile components, glassware, metallurgy, architectural ceramics and electronics

Glassware grinding tools

Glassware grinding tools

Bavelloni and intermac in italy glass processing CNC machines grinding wheels

Bando grinding wheels

Bystronic Grinding Wheels

Bando profile modeling grinding wheels

Glassline profile modeling grinding wheels

Bystronic or bando integrated drills

Bystronic or bando split drills

Electronic glass of display screen grinding wheels

Electronic glass panel grinding wheels

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